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To start, these have been crazy times! We are happy to say that despite the global “balagan”, we have made three exciting new investments. Take a look 👀

🤑 Recent Investments:

  • Remilk - We often forget how essential milk has become in our daily lives but in 2016 annual milk consumption worldwide exceeded 200 billion liters! That’s a lot of milk! 😱 The problem is that traditional dairy production has been shown to contribute to climate change due to increased gas emissions from dairy cows. This is where Remilk comes in. Aviv & Ori are creating cost-effective dairy products without using a single cow or compromising on deliciousness. 😉

  • SMT Labs - What is the deadliest animal to humans on the planet? Lions? Tigers? Bears? The answer is… Mosquitoes! These pesky insects are responsible for more than 800,000 deaths a year according to the WHO. Ariel, Elly & Vic from SMT Labs are tackling this problem by developing technology that can drastically cut the costs of SIT – a natural and highly efficient insect birth control method, enabling a widespread solution to the global mosquito pandemic.

  • Deltika - Do you know how many regulatory hurdles banks face on a regular basis? 😔Yitzchak, Roei & Aryeh from Deltika sure do. That’s why they decided to build a product that helps financial institutions reduce the opacity of AI BlackBox risk assessment models so they can better serve their customers and avoid biases. We might add that Deltika is a portfolio company of our partners Cactus Capital at Ben Gurion University and that this investment is an exciting culmination of our strategic partnership. Onwards and upwards!

😇 Portfolio Highlights

  • Wisio raised a round from Bseed Ventures and revamped their website.

  • Deltika got into Techstars TLV and began their first pilot with a large European Bank.

  • SMT Labs got into IndieBio in NYC and is launching a new pilot to reduce the number of mosquitos at a luxury resort island in the Maldives. Once the borders open we may have to hop on a flight and check it out..

  • Visitt is continuting to sign new clients in Israel and in the US as property owners transition towards remote facility management.

  • PayEm is growing its customer base having onboarded 10 new clients in the last quarter including, Momentum Accounting, Finview Citizens Council, and our very own portfolio company,

    Check out our portfolios here.

🎓 University Partnerships

💭 Some of our thoughts & news

  1. Congrats to our friends and anchor investors PICO Partners who had a great month with 2 exits announced in one week — Spot was sold for $450MM, and Vroom is now trading on Nasdaq at a whopping $5B market cap. Pico Partners clearly knows a thing or two about selecting winners! 💪😅

  2. The Facebook group is back up & running!
    With some rebranding, the group now has a name - “Fundable Founders - Startup funding + VC’s”.

The purpose of the group is to share knowledge and create discussion around the subject of VC’s and early stage startup funding in Israel. We would love to share your articles, content, ideas & questions in the group. Join the group HERE - and invite your friends! If you have any questions feel free to email

🚪Don’t miss…

  1. We came across this initiative, Mitchashvim — an organization that helps collect computers & laptops for underprivileged kids living in the periphery.
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  2. An interesting read for the week by our friend Itay Sagie at VCforU.
    What do early-stage investors really care about?! Read up on his thoughts here

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